Admissions Events

We hold 2-3 parent information eventseach month to introduce:
•Ourvision, mission and management team
•Curriculumstructure and coursecases
•Education pathways, application process, etc.
If you want to learn more about our school, please click the link below to sign up.

Higher Education Entrance Path

How to apply

University Destination of VSA Graduates

University Destination of VSA Graduates

At VSA, we're also very proud of our academic success, with outstanding diploma results, with 100% pass rate and an average that consistently ranks highly worldwide. And for successive years we've had multiple students who have obtained a perfect score. Our students have gone on to study at many prestigious universities,  Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Stanford, just to name a few.


· 62009年首届预科毕业生,2021年3名IB满分状元
· 建校以来13位IB满分状元,成为香港顶尖的IB学校之一

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