Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Virtue, Positivity, Action

We develop students Virtue, encouraging high moral standards

we highly  value  humanity and benevolence. We foster students' positivity  to strive for the best, in themselves and service to others

We inspire students to achieve their potentials and take Action as a result of their learning



Our Mission :

We strive for academic excellence and educational innovation. We are committed to developing hardworking, physically and mentally healthy, socially responsible future international talents and inheritors of Chinese culture. We help our students become innovative thinkers, bilingual explorers, and learners with a mastery of advanced technology.

Our School Culture :

Putting people first as the foundation and educating students to be benevolent as the core.We follow the development of students' growth, value their views and perspectives, and place students as the priority. Our focus is on promoting students’ personality development and healthy growth.

Benevolent Education is to carry forward the Chinese traditional virtues, establish morality, and educate people with benevolence. Our school culture of "benevolence" aims to cultivate in our students the values of respect, fairness, integrity, and harmony. Our students will develop the moral of "all for one, one for all."

The core elements of benevolence can be defined by twelve words: piety, care, loyalty, forgiveness, courtesy, knowledge, bravery, respect, generosity, honesty, agility, and beneficence. The integration of these values and the IB learner profiles enables learners to have a strong Chinese element in their future leadership roles.

  • Inquisitive, Thinker, Knowledgeable, (Agility, Knowledge), emphasis on learning to manage change;

  • Communicators, Principled, Open-Minded, care,(Piety, Care, Loyalty, Forgiveness, Courtesy), emphasize the values of respect, integrity and harmony;

  • Well balanced, reflective, risk-taker (Respect, Generosity, Honesty, Beneficence, and Bravery) , emphasize responsibility to oneself, to others, and to society.


Hong Kong Hujiang Victoria sister school
Shenzhen Hong Kong pioneer in integrated development of quality education
Nine year continuous quality bilingual school from primary school to junior high school

We are committed to cultivating physical and mental health
Future global leaders and inheritors of Chinese culture who can undertake social responsibilities;
Explorers and learners who have innovative thinking, are bilingual and master high-end technology;
A social leader who always cares and is diligent in practice.

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