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Parent-Teacher Association

A Parent-Teacher Association will be established to facilitate the connection between parents and teachers and to help new students and parents familiarize with the school's management and facilities, understand the progress of the curriculum, build a trusting relationship, and effectively support each other in promoting common goals.

Members of Parent Teacher Association should:

• have time to participate in, organize and attend PTA meetings.

• be enthusiastic and caring team players.

• have a deep understanding and recognition of the school's philosophy, values and teaching methods.

•  have good communication skills in being a bridge between parents and schools, parents and teachers, parents and parents.

The recruitment of PTA members will be open to all VPA parents and teachers. For further information please check your email later.

Other school members

Victoria was founded in 1965 by Ms. Christina Ting Yuk Chee and Mrs. Cecilia Lee Ting Yuk Kuen. Thus, Victoria has been providing high quality early childhood education in a bilingual setting (English and Chinese) for 56 years. 

Over the years, Victoria has implemented a bilingual co-teaching approach that aims to strengthen children's literacy and language abilities. Through inquiry-based learning, Victoria strives to develop caring life-long learners with a global vision. 

The Victoria (China) Education Group is now comprised of ten kindergartens in Mainland China (four in Shanghai, three in Shenzhen, two in Hangzhou and one in Suzhou), one kindergarten in Hong Kong (Causeway Bay Victoria Kindergarten & International Nursery), and one primary and secondary school in Hong Kong (The Victoria Shanghai Academy – VSA).

All Victoria (China) Education Group schools provide a bilingual learning environment and implement an inquiry-based learning approach that aims to promote life-long learning and compassionate global citizens.


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